The Best Programming Blogs

1. Scott Hanselman’s
His tool list is considered a great resource, and his postings are read by some 20k + subscribers.

2. Coding Horror 
Jeff Atwood has been a programmer for years and years; this experience  plus his awareness of the human side of technology makes his blog a top  destination.

3. GirlDeveloper 
The irrepressible Sara Chipps is an ASP/NET/C#/SQL developer who holds  forth on life in the trenches with a distinctly feminine touch. As she  explains: “All marriage proposals must be accompanied by previous year’s  W2.”

4. ScottGu’s Blog
Scott runs the teams that build IIS, The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site, Ajax, CLR, Compact  Framework, Windows Forms, Commerce Server, Visual Web Developer and  Visual Studio Tools for WPF

5. Joel on Software
Probably the leading programming blog in the entire Web universe

6. Dr. Dobb’s CodeTalk
Lively blog site fully devoted to gathering together some of the biggest thinkers in the development community.

7. The Database Programmer
Kenneth Downs has been programming databases since the early ‘90s, which  is reflected in his incredibly detailed blog posts on the topic.

8. Dave Thomas – Pragmatic Programmer
Thomas has authored books on programming (“Programming Ruby,” “Agile Web Development with Rails”) and blogs as an expert coder.

9. David Hayden
Is an The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site, C#, SQL Server Developer and Microsoft MVP with over 10 years experience.

10. CodeBetter
A community of developers who publish best practices, superior tools,  proven methodologies and techniques within the software development  community. A blog for developers of all levels a place to teach and learn.

11. Stack Overflow
No matter what programming language you use, or what operating system  you call home, if you have a question it’s bound to be answered at Stack  Overflow.

iOS Blogs:

13. Ray Wenderlich
This blog is especially great if you learn well by watching video tutorials. Wenderlich and co.’s posts focus on instructing readers, so most of the content here is tutorials. It’s advanced enough that even more experienced iOS developers can find useful information here.

14. NSHipster
More geared towards iOS experts, NSHipster is updated weekly and covers a lot of lesser-known topics in iOS. The cast of iOS experts posting here are all passionate and frequent bloggers.

Android Blogs:

15. Google Developers Blog
Announcements and analysis from the pros, although this blog isn’t updated as frequently as others might be. It’s catered more towards highly experienced Android developers who need to stay up-to-date on recent happenings.

16. AndroidGuys
This site is more geared towards Android news announcements and has grown rapidly since its launch in 2007. It’s now big enough to serve as the sole source you’d need for Android news.


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