8 Best Sites For Copyright Free Articles

We all know the importance of good articles, a person has his or her own limit to create just so many articles a day, thus it is good to find copyright free source to boost your online content.

We’ve done some research and found these 8 sites to have the best quality articles just for your need.  Some will require you to credit the source, so check out their rules before you post the content.

  1. News USA
  2. Article Geek
  3. Brand Point Content
  4. Sooper Articles
  5. Articles Factory
  6. Article Biz
  7. Unpublished Articles
  8. Amazines
  • News USA

As a PR article portal, News USA has very high quality, news-worthy articles covering all sorts of fields.  They have 2 domains, both of them share the same articles:



They feature more than 15,000 copyright free articles, and they welcome all bloggers are to use their content, it is free and open for you to re-post.

  • Article Geek


Article Geek provides publishers, editors and webmasters free website content in the form of copyright free articles. Before using any of these free articles you must read and agree to the publisher TOS. If you have a website and you’d like to use any of the articles on Article Geek, you can grab the html or text version of the article by clicking on the “Publish Article” link on the top right of each article. All links (author’s and Article Geek’s) must remain active when you use an article.

They also provide an RSS publisher that you can easily implement on your website.

  • Brand Point Content


Since 1996, Brandpoint has been providing high-quality content to editors, ad directors, designers, publishers and bloggers. Whether you have a print publication or are working digitally, Brandpoint’s mission is to make your job easy.

Writers: In-house experts with an average 12 years experience in journalism and writing.

Content: High-quality, journalistic lifestyle articles with helpful tips for your readers.

  • Sooper Articles


A free article directory for website owners and bloggers to publish articles. Content feeds for each category available in JavaScript or RSS format.

  • Articles Factory


Articles Factory’s Premium content service delivering current and archived articles for a wide variety of life topics. Includes tools for a self-organizing library.

  • Article Biz


This site is an old provider of free articles, re-printable for websites, newsletters and ezines.

  • Unpublished Articles


The site is dedicated to publishing previously unpublished authors and their unique articles.

  • Amazine


Source of free content for publishers and webmasters offering free submission.


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