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There are many freelance websites offering people to post their services, or micro jobs, to earn money. is the #1 Fair Trade Freelance Platform

Just google “freelance” and you will see a bunch of sites, and many are paid search results.  Freelancers can join a new, online platform called Micro Job Market ( that offers a far better experience for the freelance workers.

Micro Job Market is considered the first decentralized freelance platform. It takes 0 percent commission on any closed deal, provides support services to help freelancers build their brands, allows freelancers to contact clients directly, and more.

The company co-founder John Hirsch is a freelancer himself, he understands what a freelancer needs to succeed.

“All freelancers should sign up to mJobMarket because we allow freelancers to add links to their blog, website and even their profiles on other freelance sites,” Hirsch said. “Link them all to, and you can start building your personal brand right away.”

Centralization VS. Decentralization

Depending on existing, centralized platforms might give freelancers an easy start, but it doesn’t help to build an independent business in the long run, according to Hirsch.

Branding and relationship-building are essential to a freelancing business, but the major freelance platforms forbid freelancers from communicating directly with clients. As a result, freelancers can experience trouble getting their services noticed once they leave the platform.
Other services Micro Job Market provides include marketing tips, payment suggestions, useful legal documents and a supportive global community of freelancers.

Freelance Economy Expends Rapidly

The freelance economy is growing speedily. According to the U.S. Freelancers Union, 35 percent of the U.S. workforce, or 55 million people, were freelancers in 2016. It is predicted that half of the U.S. workforce will be freelancers by 2020.

Freelancing is easy to start, and you can do it alongside your full-time job. As your private clientele grows, you can make it a full-time affair and reach financial freedom.

mJob Market calls on all freelancers who want to run a successful business to sign up and use the platform. Freelance service buyers who hire freelancers on mJob Market will benefit greatly, because they can contact and pay freelancers directly, it lowers the cost and direct communication is the key to a successful project.


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