Worth Watching Independent Designers

The world is full of big name brands and large chains, but most of the mass and fast production doesn’t always satisfy our craving for individuality.  In this case, why not to check out some fabulous independent designers?

Here are 8 selected designers with great talents, hope you find the one(s) you love:

  1. Temperley London
    Although mostly famous for the bridal collection, the fashion collection is not less well-designed.  The combination of classic patterns with bright colors, Temperley London’s designs are “eternal fashion” that will never be considered as outdated.
    201609182017u20look2036 201609182017u20look2031 201609182017u20look2051
  2. Michal Negrin
    Charming Victorian Vintage style,  do expect lots of roses everywhere.  Michal Negrin started off with fancy jewelry designs then expanded into stationery and fashion designs.  I call it the royal family style!
    1a31848354c3e1e3fd1602cb1abb9bc263d0952f74e9778d897eff13c0ed411f e1b10df914e2579744a17154c9202f86
  3. IVKO
    Want to look amazing in the winter?  Then you must try the Serbian fashion knitwear brand IVKO.  You get not only the beautiful colorful patterns, but also keeping warm! You can see the traditional costume spirit in every design.
  4. Lie Bo
    Talking about tradition, are you ready for some Chinese designs?  Lie Bo is renowned in China for its tribal design touch, and most of their clothes are very practical.  One thing I know for sure – when I am in China, this brand is in my shopping priority.
    tb2xjadd2tjxufjsspexxapipxa_228784630 tb2ozucuxxxxxatxxxxxxxxxxxx_228784630
  5. Brock Collection
    Elegant and clean-cut design, fit for C-level businesswomen.  Great for work and events, and most importantly, the clothes look very comfortable.
    03-brock-collection-resort-17-640x960  21-brock-collection-resort-17-640x960

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