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Nice Travel BlogsHonestly, there are TONS of traveling blogs, almost all the people who travel around and happen to have a digital camera will put up a blog writing about it – but good blogs are not that many.  I reviewed more than 200 blogs and this is the list that left out.  Too often the bloggers add too many advertisement and forget the initial purpose, or just write whatever they desire without categorization.

The blogs listed here are all check one by one, some are comprehensive while others focus on specific region.  No matter how many countries a blogger writes about, it is the QUALITY that matters.


Blog titles with short summaries:

Nomadic Matts Travel Site  – One of the most popular traveling blog in the world.

Expert Vagabond – A sincere writer with great advice.

Canada Adventure Couple – Nice

GoBackpacking  – Nice

Viator Travel Blog  – Nice

Global Grasshopper | Travel Tips and Inspiration  – Lots of information

Hole In The Donut  – Storytelling style but I like it

BootsnAll Travel  – Offering really useful info on how to plan the trips

Two Backpackers  – It has very resourceful destination guides

Johnny Vagabond – Around the World, Low and Slow  – Budget trip information

Jaunted – The Pop Culture Travel Guide – Many links are broken in the articles, but contents are fine

Travellerspoint Travel Community  – Good info with online planner tool

MiceChat  – Everything about Disney land

Heather on her travels  – Very good travel info and nice photos

My Several Worlds  – Experience sharing on traveling to far East and being a language teacher

Inside the Travel Lab – It doesn’t provide tour routes but many culture observance

The Aussie Nomad  – Visit “where I’ve been” map first, other traveling tips are ok but can be skipped

Traveling Canucks – From a traveling couple to a traveling family.  I like their genuine shares on travel scams.

My Melange – A travel consultation on Paris and Italy

Kyspeaks – A blog dedicated to Mayaisa

Travels of Adam  – High quality contents – A famous (I think?) reporter with many exclusive travel experience

Far West China – Xinjiang is a mysterious place even for the Chinese, and this guy makes the dare move to work and live in the Big West of china

Ll World Tour – Clean-cut UI (user interface), very readable, lots of sources on Europe and Asia countries.

Velvet Escape’s blog – A blogger who has visited many destinations, you can find many African countries in the list.

CheeseWeb – Not a site for loads of tourist spots, but the writer couple take each spot seriously and explore with the spirit of “slow travel”.

Vagablogging  – This blogger and travel writer is really pouring out his heart in the writing, you can see his reflection on “The Dark Side of Travel Romance”, for example.

Travel Wonders of the World  – It’s amazing to see a person can travel to so many countries, this blog records mainly the thoughts and a few highlights from the trip, do not expect to find recommendation on routes.

Nerds eye view  – A prose style traveling blog, it’s a pity that I don’t find geographic categories, but the articles are genuine and enjoyable.

The Professional Hobo  – Sharing good stuff on how to become a full time traveler and earn a living

y Travel Blog  – The contents are not that WOW, but it has very good user interface images.

Tony Wheeler  – If you’d like to know what traveling to “Axis of Evil” countries is like, make sure to check this out!

The Traveling Praters  – Dedicated to USA destinations

HikeBikeTravel   – Expert for traveling in Canada, and has other worldwide destinations as well

My Itchy Travel Feet  – A baby boomer couple sharing their travel ideas. From the site name you can tell they are very humorous

Hawaii Vacation Connection  – A site with podcast dedicated to Hawaii

Emm in London  – This blogger doesn’t have a splendid travel portfolio, but each post has well observation

Breathedreamgo  – It contain a few destinations, the India section has many info.

Marshall Jackson on Travel  – Info on cruises

Xtreme Gap Year Blog   – If you are looking for special travel experience, check it out

Dawn on the Amazon Captains Blog  – Everything you would like to know about traveling in Amazon – the actual Amazon

Route Perfect  – Finally a site helps route planning.. though it’s not a blog, it provides many travelling suggestions.

TripHackr  – Nice travel hacks

Go, See, Write   – Not bad


Loyalty Traveler  – An example on the blog which I took off from the “Nice Blog” list.



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